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Event Planner Secret, Number Your RSVP Cards

December 17, 2014

An RSVP Card Tip

Your friends and family will be so happy and excited when they receive your wedding invitation. Why? Because they love you and they cannot wait until your big day!

But, in their excitement, some of your wedding guests may forget to legibly write down their name on your RSVP card. Some of them may even forget to include their names at all!! Ugh! Now, you will have the “fun” task of guessing who returned their RSVP card to you.  Good times!

To avoid this issue, we recommend taking the following steps BEFORE you stuff and mail your wedding invitations –

  1. Number your wedding guest list
  2. Before you stuff the RSVP cards into your wedding invitations, discreetly write a tiny number on the back of each of your RSVP cards. The numbers on the back of the RSVP should correspond with the number on your wedding guest list.

Now, if a wedding guest forgets to write his or her name on the RSVP card, you’ll be able to identify that guest by matching the number on the back of the card with the corresponding number on your guest list.

I would like to reiterate that the numbers on the back of the card should be small and discreet. Some of your (ahem) very attentive wedding guests may see the number on the back of the card and wonder if it is a reflection of their importance. If a guest asks you what the number on the back of their card means, you can assure them the cards are numbered to keep you organized and it is no reflection of “guest priority.”

Drama averted!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

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Happy Hanukkah

December 16, 2014

Happy Hanukkah


Happy Hanukkah from Howerton+Wooten Events!  May your home be full of light!

Love & Soul Always, Kay




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A Wedding Reading: A Marriage by Mark Twain

December 14, 2014

A Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring sitting on Books


A marriage makes of two fractional lives a whole;
It gives two purposeless lives a work,
And doubles the strength of each to perform it.
It gives to two questioning natures a reason for living
And something to live for.
It will give new gladness to the sunshine,
A new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth
And a new mystery to life.

--Mark Twain


Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photo: Leonard Poteat Photography)

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The Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe

November 28, 2014

Leftover Turkey Sandwich Picture

This afternoon, I made a turkey sandwich for Chris Wooten (my guy) using all of the leftover food from Thanksgiving.

The menu consisted of a turkey sandwich, sweet potato tater tots, and some tasty green beens.  Since nothing was spared, I call it the “ultimate leftover” lunch.

He especially loved the sandwich, and he asked me to make him another one after I blogged about it. (smile)  The ingredients for the sandwich include the following --

  • Challah bread
  • Slices of of turkey white meat
  • Delicatessen mustard
  • Brie cheese
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • A pat of unsalted butter

The steps for this sandwich are super easy!

  1. First off, you are going to cut 1/4” slices of challah bread. If you want the bread to be a little thicker, go with 1/2” thick slices
  2. Spread a teaspoon of the delicatessen mustard onto the bread. If you want your sandwich to be a little sweeter, consider using honey mustard instead.
  3. Spread cranberry sauce over the mustard on one slice of bread.
  4. Place slices of the turkey on top of the cranberry sauce.
  5. Slice the brie, and place the slices (without the skin) onto the turkey.
  6. Close the sandwich and grill it in a pan with the unsalted butter pat.  You only need to grill the sandwich long enough to brown the bread on each side.


Love & Soul Always, Kay

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