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A Beauty Find Gets to the Root of a Common Hair Issue

April 9, 2014

Root Vanish by Kazumi for Blondes

If you think getting acne is a disastrous beauty occurence right before a big event, try dealing with some "out of control" grey strands.

As life would have it, you can address this "grey matter" with a single swipe of Root Vanish by Kazumi.

If your hair is like mine, those grey strands have a mind of their own -- This product is actually a quick-dry hair gel, and it has helped me tame my wiry tresses.

If your hair color doesn't match the color in this picture, this hair gel comes in four different shades.  I have actually purchased mine on Amazon.  Check it out!

Love & Soul Always, Kay


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(Download) A Planning Guide for Ordering Your Wedding Reception Beverages

March 24, 2014

While planning your wedding or event, you may work with some venues that allow you to order your liquor, beer, and/or wine separately.

While this option will more than likely be a less expensive option than ordering the beverages through your venue or caterer, the process can be overwhelming.

So, we created a beverage planning guide that you can use to determine the type of beverages you need and the amount of alcohol you need to order for your wedding reception.

Wedding Planning Guide for Beverages and Cocktails

For more planning guides, video tutorials, and printables, please check out our toolbox of wedding planning resources.


Love & Soul Always, Kay

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Taking Engagements Photos Near the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

March 11, 2014

Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial

With the winter we've had, it's hard to think about Cherry Blossoms.  Goodness knows, I understand.  But, guess what?  The cherry blossom trees in the Washington DC metropolitan area are supposed to be in full bloom in a month!

If you are planning to get married soon, you might be thinking about taking your wedding or engagement photos near the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms.  It's a lovely idea, but here are some things you should to consider.

Where are the Cherry Blossoms?  The bulk of the Washington, DC cherry blossom trees currently grow around the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park, on the Washington Monument grounds, and in East Potomac park.  I noted below a few of my favorite locations -- Hopefully, one will be the perfect location for your engagement pictures or your wedding pictures!

  1. Around the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park. This is one of DC's most most popular Cherry Blossom tree locations. If you take engagement photos here, you can also capture a view of the Jefferson Memorial or the Washington Monument in your photos.

  2. On the Washington Monument Grounds. I read on a photography web site that photographers love to shoot couples here very early in the morning to capture the couple, the trees, and the iconic Washington Monument.

  3. East Potomac Park (Haines Point).  This location is one of my favorite spots for a lush view of Cherry Blossom trees.  It's equally as beautiful as the first two spots I mentioned, but it is nowhere as crowded.

  4. National Arboretum. You get acres of flowering cherry trees at the National Arboretum.  I consider this location one of DC's best kept secrets for viewing cherry blossoms!

  5. Dumbarton Oaks Park (Georgetown). While there are pretty views of cherry blossoms in Dumbarton Oaks Park, wedding and engagement photographs are not allowed here.  (I know that doesn't help with your photos, but I just thought you should know about this pretty location!)

For information on which varieties of cherry blossom trees are located in which park and maps, visit


Are there a lot of crowds near the Cherry Blossoms?  When planning to take your engagement photos, please keep in mind that crowds are typically their heaviest on the weekends. There is no guarantee, but there are often fewer visitors early in the morning on week days.

Can I bring my puppy with me?  Dogs are allowed on the National Mall and Memorial Parks, but you are supposed to keep your dog on a leash 100% of the time.

Do I need a permit?  Yes.  Especially if you are taking photos near the trees located in the Tidal Basin or near the Washington Monument.  I don't believe that is the case if you take photos near the Cherry Blossom trees located on Capitol Hill.  Call (202) 619-7225 for more information.

Finally, please show the trees some love!  The trees are extremely delicate.  If you take a blossom, another one WILL NOT grow in its place.  And, do not climb in the trees.  You can break the branches, damage the tree, and/or hurt yourself!


Love & Soul Always, Kay


(Note: A similar post was written on this blog in March 2009)

(Photos BigStock Photo)

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5 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do on Your Snow Day

March 3, 2014

A Snowy 2014

Well, winter 2014 is at it again, and we are getting more of this fantastic snow! (Yes, I said this with a little sarcasm!)

If you live in the Washington DC metropolitan area, you are more than likely not in your office today.  So, here are five wedding planning tasks you can take on at home —

1. Pick your wedding colors. Since the weather may prohibit you from going to the fabric store or the paint store or the craft store, you can check out color samples electronically on web sites like Lowes Paint Sample Selector. But, be careful! You may find yourself on this web site for hours!!

2. Work on your DIY project. Use your uninterrupted morning to finally finish those special signs or escort cards you wanted to make for your wedding reception.

3. Plan your wedding day music. Fire up your iTunes and download this music planning guide to determine the songs you want to hear on your wedding day.

4. Organize your wedding planning paperwork. There are probably a bunch of receipts and other documents shoved in your wallet or the bottom of your purse. So, take some time today to organize your wedding planning paperwork -- Then, you will be able to easily reference these documents when you need them.

5. Catch up on your Wedding Planning blogs. Have the wedding planning blog posts been piling up over the last couple of weeks? Now is your opportunity to get reading and get inspired.

Or, you can skip the wedding planning all together, and . . .

1. Catch up with an old friend (or two). Have you been neglecting your family and friends since you became engaged? Take some time today to call (or web chat) an old friend or family member.

2. Start your foreign language lessons. Headed to Paris for your honeymoon? Take some time today to download a foreign language software and begin your new language journey. Voila!

3. Act like a kid again. Go outside and make a snowman or snow angels with your fiancé. And, have a great time! Voilà!

Love & Soul Always, Kay


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