As an entrepreneur in the wedding industry, I spend a great deal of time working alone in my home office or driving alone in traffic, so I have become a big fan of podcasts. I am especially drawn to the podcasts that focus on small business ownership.

As promised in last week’s post, I have listed below 10 worthy podcasts I believe wedding industry entrepreneurs should consider.

1. This Week in Weddings — This podcast is a support group for wedding industry entrepreneurs. I have enjoyed every single podcast recording I have listened to and I highly recommend them. If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, I encourage you to check out their Facebook or Instagram page because they post some of the speakers’ key quotes after the actual podcast is aired.

2. The Ted Radio Hour — If you like the Ted Talk videos, you should check out these recordings. The speakers share fascinating ideas, inventions and new ways to think and create in your business.

3. Being Boss — I found myself pulled into listening to these podcasts one recording after the other. These recordings provide the listener with a fresh space for creative entrepreneurs with a consistent motto of “being the boss.”

4. Magic Lessons — These podcasts feature Elizabeth Gilbert interviewing people about how they overcome the fears that are inherent in the creative process, and calling up famous creatives to get their input. What you will find helpful is that the host provides valuable advice to the creatives being interviewed on the show.

5. Myleik Teele’s Podcast — This is a “can’t miss” podcast for me. Owner of the curlBOX, a subscription box exclusively for women with naturally curly hair, Myleik Teele shares a plethora of topics that include entrepreneurship, personal stories, and financial tips.

6. She Creates Business — This podcast’s topics of discussion cover entrepreneurship in the wedding industry with a focus on women entrepreneurs. This podcast is held twice weekly so there are a great deal of podcast topics for you to check out such as “how to use social media in your wedding business” and how to build successful creative businesses in the wedding industry.”

7. After the Jump — Design Sponge author and blogger Grace Bonney has a podcasts that features interviews of designers, shopkeepers and industry experts in the creative industry.

8. This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt — I started following Michael Hyatt on Twitter years ago, and I have enjoyed his blog posts, e-books and now motivational message podcasts on Monday mornings.

9. The Accidental Creative — On these podcasts, Todd Henry, the founder of Accidental Creative, shares how to build practical, everyday practices to help you stay prolific and healthy in life and work.

10. Off the Charts with Nathalie Lussier — Business strategist and digital entrepreneur Nathalie Lussier shares these inspiring stories to help you re-think what’s possible in your business. Nathalie’s topics range from tech tools to grow your business and book reviews that you take action on in both your personal life and your company.

Love & Soul Always, Kay