Have you ever been to a wedding reception where you are stuck in your seat waiting for the couple to be introduced? You are famished, but you are forced to sit and “watch” that pre-set salad wilt before your very eyes. It’s painful, isn’t it?!?  This guest experience is very similar to what some small children are going through on social media as their parents put them through a challenge called the “Fruit Snack Challenge.”  So, what’s a planner to do to avoid this painful guest experience, check out the four (4) things professional wedding planners can learn from the Fruit Snack Challenge.

1. Take as many photos as you can BEFORE the wedding ceremony. Long photo sessions during the cocktail reception could potentially delay the start of the dinner. So, take as many photos as you can (getting ready photos, first look, wedding party photos, immediate family member photos, etc.) BEFORE the ceremony begins.

2. Offer ample hors d’ oeuvres for the cocktail receptions. Remember — There should be three to four hors d’ oeuvres per guest if the reception precedes lunch or dinner.  There should be 6 to 8 hors d’ oeuvres per guest if there is nothing more than reception food.

3. Avoid scheduling too many events prior to the start of the meal service. Once your guests sit down for dinner, try to avoid scheduling too many events in the wedding timeline that could delay the start of the meal service.

4. Work with your vendor partners to avoid long delays on the wedding day. Work closely with your wedding vendor partners to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the timing on the wedding day schedule.  You don’t want your guests waiting too long because a vendor wasn’t aware when the introductions are scheduled to begin.

Okay, I believe that is it friends!  Take care and stay away from those fruit snacks!  They can be addictive. (wink)

Love and Soul Always, Kawania