As your wedding day approaches, you will find that your fiancé, family members, wedding vendors, and (gasp) your boss will all compete for our attention — As a result, your wedding planning tasks and projects may become difficult to master. So, here are 6 mobile apps to help you accomplish more, while leaving more time to enjoy your personal days.

1. Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/) — Pinterest seems like an obvious choice, right? Well, I hesitated adding Pinterest to the list because I believe that Pinterest can be just as stressful as it is helpful (can you say comparison or wedding planning overload?) However, if it is used correctly, Pinterest can be a powerful tool. Use it to search for ideas, how-to’s, and wedding vendors. Also, limit the amount of time you spend on Pinterest — Knowing that you have a time limit should keep you focused. Cost: Free.

2. Basecamp Personal (https://basecamp.com/personal) —The Basecamp Project Management software has always been a great collaboration tool for small business. In fact, the Howerton+Wooten Events team uses it for both our corporate events and our social events with great success. Now, for a one-time fee, you can use this software to collaborate with five other people on a personal event, such as a wedding. Cost: $25.00 per Project.

3. Evernote (https://evernote.com/) — This mobile app is very popular with event planners everywhere! I use Evernote when I go on venue visits because it allows me to save photos and jot down my thought in one note. Once I am finished with that note, I can share it with my team members and/or my clients. I also use it to share shopping lists with my husband. And, since it is stored on the cloud, I can access these notes on my laptop, my iPad or my iPhone. Cost: Basic is Free; $24.99/year for Plus; and $49.99/year for Premium

4. Super Planner App (http://howardgivner.com/super-planner-iphone-app) — This mobile app helps you to quickly calculate venue capacity in different seating configurations, your dance floor size, food and beverage counts, and the number of staffers you’ll need to have on hand. Cost: $9.99.

5. Room Scan Pro app (http://locometric.com) — The beauty of this mobile app is that it can basically draw a floor plan for you! You tap your phone against each wall of a room, and the RoomScan Pro app calculates the square footage and dimensions for you. Cost: $4.99.

6. MyRegistry (http://www.myregistry.com) — Setting up a registry can be an overwhelming task. I got married years ago, but I still remember an emotional breakdown I had in a major department store! This mobile app lets you use your phone as a barcode scanner to find the best price before buying or adding any item to your gift list – even when you’re away from the computer. The world becomes your virtual department store as you can add everything from anywhere. Cost: Free.

So, what do you think? Have you used any of the apps above? Or, better yet, do you have any recommendations for event planning mobile apps? I would love to hear them.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

Photo: (Natarsha Wright Photography)