This mini-emergency kit is perfect for the bride who wants to showcase her style — Even when there is a wedding day mishap!


This kit comes in seven metallic colors, so there is a chance it will fit your wedding colors. It’s contents include 20 wedding day must-haves —

1.) Hairspray
2.) Clear Nail Polish
3.) Nail Polish Remover
4.) Emery Board
5.) Lip Balm
6.) Earring Backs
7.) Clear Rubber Rands
8.) A Sewing Kit
9.) Double-Sided Tape
10.) Stain Remover
11.) Deodorant Towelette
12.) Pain Reliever
13.) Feminine Hygeine Products
14.) Breath Freshener
15.) Dental Floss
16.) Band-Aids
17.) Kleenex
18.) Blotting Paper/Tissue
19.) Bobby Pins
20.) Antacids
And, an extra pair of wedding bands!

Now, if only we can find an emergency kit for those pesky wedding crashers!

Love and Soul Always, Kay

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