If you are like me, you have more “stuff” than you know what to do with.  So, in honor of Earth Day, I thought I would share a web site with you that allow your guests an opportunity to give you a gift and help mother earth at the same time.

If you register for wedding gifts on the Changing the Present web site, your wedding guests can purchase your wedding gift based on your chosen cause.

But, your guests don’t have to be the only gift givers.  If you are looking for bridal party gifts that is a step beyond the earrings or flask, consider one of the following gifts options:

Got a maid of honor that is a wine connoisseur?  Consider donating to Roots of Peace.  A $10 donation will go to clearing landmines in post-conflict war zones, and replacing them with grapevines.  Your gift will help restore the livelihood and the dignity of self-sufficiency to a farmer.

Your entrepreneur bridesmaid will appreciate a donation to Freedom from Hunger.  A $106 donation helps Mali women get the loans that they need to get a small business off the ground. The gift provides women the financial support they need to change their families’ lives for good.

Want to help your groom thank your future mother-in-law for never losing his blanket?  Make a donation in her honor to Partners in Health.  A $50 donation will purchase fifteen (15) mosquito bed nets for families to protect themselves from mosquito-borne illnesses like Malaria.

For the animal loving groomsman, a $35 donation will go to Defenders of Wildlife to protect the northernmost jaguar population in Sonora, Mexico. Your gift to Adopt A Jaguar will help Defenders save jaguars and other imperiled wildlife.

For the book-loving flower girl or ring bearer, consider donating $50 to the Global Fund for ChildrenThrough their Books for Kids project, The Global Fund for Children donates titles from its award-winning collection of children’s books to grassroots groups reaching the most vulnerable young people in the world.

Finally, consider reducing the carbon footprint used by your out-of-town wedding guests by turning your wedding favor into a donation to the Carbon Fund.  Offsetting your carbon footprint allows you to become part of the solution to global warming by supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, which cause global warming, equal to your annual emissions from your home, car and flying energy use.

For more gift giving options that help mother earth, check out Changing the Present.

Love & Soul Always, Kay