I must admit that I am a little sad to report that the ladies at BFF Bridal announced yesterday that they are dimming the lights on their web site.

I always found this site to be such a smart and hip resource for brides.

I must admit; however, that a few of their skincare product recommendations are the reasons that I kept checking them out!  I noted two of my favorites below:

  1. Fresh Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment.  My hands feel so good after using this stuff!  I swear I want to hold my own hands.
  2. Bag Balm.  This balm did wonders for my tootsies last summer, and I am happy to report that my feet are still feeling the love this winter. (I can look the other way when I hear that it was created for cow udders).


If you were never a subscriber of BFF Bridal, you should catch up on their e-columns.  They are still available — for a little while anyhow!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Love and Soul Always, Kay