When it comes to dads, I have always felt as if I hit the lottery.

My dad, affectionately known as “Fat Daddy,” is one of the most wise, sweetest, funniest, and most patient men I have ever known (hands down).

Fat Daddy is not much of a dancer, so we didn’t have a father/daughter dance at my wedding.  But, if we did, I would have picked one of the songs below.  <Please forgive me.  This gets a little mushy>

This Michael Jackson hit would be my first choice because no one “has my back” more than my dad.  Wait!  Allow me to clarify — No one had my back more BEFORE I met my husband (sorry baby!)

When I was a kid, my mother was my biggest (and loudest) cheerleader, but Fat Daddy was the quite force that fueled my self esteem.  So, I have always found this song to be appropriate  for a Father/Daughter dance.Just The Way You Are.  Because he always makes me feel as if his love is 100% unconditional.


Honor your dad and remember to tell him that you love him today and every day.  Happy Fathers Day to all of the cool dads out there!  Your impact reaches much further than you will ever know.  For more assistance with the selection of your wedding day music, check out our Wedding Music Guidebook.

Love & Soul Always, Kay