Thinking of hosting a Sunday Farewell Brunch for your wedding party and out of town wedding guests?

Here are the recipes of five decadent menu items that are sure to complete a perfect wedding weekend!

Eggs Hussarde or Eggs Sardou.  As a corporate planner, I planned more than my share of evening events in New Orleans.  And every morning after one of my events, I always found myself at Brennan’s Restaurant for breakfast.  Brennan’s is known for their Eggs Hussarde, but my heart belongs to Eggs Sardou. I could eat that dish every day if my heart and arteries would allow me.

Crème Brûlée Oatmeal.  Everyone knows that oatmeal is one of the best meals (health wise) that you can have for breakfast.  Since it is a “special” Sunday, you can make it a good breakfast item and a decadent dessert at the same time.

Belazu Lamb MeatballsThis is a nice alternative; well actually it’s an incredible alternative to your typical bacon or ham.

Buttermilk Fantails.  These buttery rolls resemble a blooming flower, with each petal forming a perfect pull-apart bite.

Peach Bellini.  Living in this hot weather requires a refreshing drink.  You will definitely get that with this peach Bellini.  I tried this last summer and I am here to tell you that this is so good going down (almost too good if you know what I mean!).

Bonus Recipe!

Smoked SalmonI have a thing for smoked salmon.  Actually, I have it really bad for smoked salmon.  So it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a quick and easy recipe in this post.  Enjoy!

Okay, that’s it for today.  If you have a really easy but decadent recipe.  Please share it!  I am always on the hunt for good food — especially brunch!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photo: Eating Out Loud)