As the daughter of a professional cosmetologist, I cannot say enough about the value of a professional hair stylist on your wedding day.  I’ve seen hair stylists create gorgeous hair designs that last long after the bride and groom departs for their honeymoon.

During your engagement, you’ll attend numerous special events in your honor, and you may not have the opportunity to visit your stylist before each event.

Now, it’s not an issue.

Giselle Chreky, hair updo stylist of Elegant Hair by Giselle has created short videos showcasing charming and easy “Five-Minute Hair Updos” that you can do at home.

Check out the video below.

Interested in one of the other videos created by Giselle?  Check them out!

Five-Minute Hair Updo (Start With A Braid Ponytail)

Five-Minute Hair Updo (Start With Three Ponytails)

Five-Minute Hair Updo (Curly Hair Updo)

Five-Minute Hair Updo (Introduction to Hair Fillers)

Hey!  If you try any of them, please send me a picture and I will feature it in a later post.  We all have to share our successes, you know.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Love & Soul Always, Kay