Naughty Or Nice Party – This is a fun theme for hosts that enjoy a little grown-up cleverness.

1.) He’s checking his list! Create a party invitation that looks like Santa’s list.  Detail the party specifics on the front of the invitation, and the back could list all of the invitees with two check boxes next to their names – one for naughty and one for nice.

2.) He’s checking it twice!  As your guests arrive, allow them to choose devil horns or an angel’s halo.  You can typically order items like this at

3.) Naughty.  Give the “naughty” room a very sensual feel with hot & spicy foods, chocolate covered strawberries, and red specialty drinks.  Light the room with red light bulbs, and decorate the room with red boas and floral centerpieces placed in stilettos.  Finish off the “naughty” theme with Latin or Cajun music playing in the background.

4.) Nice.  Decorate the “nice” room with a “Winter Wonderland” décor, which includes white centerpieces, silver tapers or snowball-shaped candles, and artificial snow.  Serve comfort foods such as mini grilled cheese sandwiches, apple pie, and fluffy white mashed potatoes.  The specialty drink can be a clear or light blue drink served in a frosted glass.

5.)  A great exit. As they depart, carry out the theme by giving the guests goodie bags based on their naughty or nice selection.  It will give them something to smile about throughout the holidays!

Have fun!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania