Great news!  You mastered the “turkey roasting” challenge, and your guests are eagerly waiting the unveiling!

Not so great news!  Someone has to carve this bad boy!  Oy!

I’ve been there honey, so I am sharing my four recommendations for Turkey Carving greatness.  Check them out.

  1. Get a good carving set. This is a must have.  I promise you that you cannot carve your turkey with a steak knife and there are no stores open on Thanksgiving.  If you do find a store that is open, I bet you that all of the carving sets are gone.
  1. Get some fairly simply turkey carving tips. Check out my 2007 post containing three turkey carving links.
  1. If the step-by-step method is too little information for you (“How do I know if I am doing it right!”), check out this video created by

  1. Ask someone else to do it!Announce that the honors of carving the turkey should go to a “Person of Honor,” and, ask an experienced family member to do it — someone like your dad, granddad, uncle or an older brother. Okay, I am being a little crazy, I am sure that your mom, grandma and/or aunt can do a much better job!


Enjoy and happy carving!  Love & Soul Always, Kay