Last month, I had the pleasure and privilege of designing and managing a fabulous launch party for the B. Hamilton Group (more to come about that soon).

Absolut was the party’s bar sponsor, so the bar featured several of their summer cocktails.  I was fortunate enough to check out some of these hot, hip cocktails, and I must tell you that they are delicious!

I have several favorites, but my favorite new Absolut Cocktail is called Harlem Nights (see recipe below)!  If this drink doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out Absolut Drinks at!

Ingredients –

Directions –

  • Fill a highball glass to the rim with ice cubes.
  • Pour coffee liqueur, cruzan coconut rum and tequila into a shaker.
  • Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake it until the shaker is very cold.
  • Strain the drink into the highball glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry (whole) and an orange (slice).


Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photo: Courtesy of Absolut)