With Halloween quickly approaching, my mind is constantly on candy, candy, candy!  Ooohh, I got to do something about this.

Instead of adding to my Dentist’s 401K, I have decided to get my candy fix in a creamy cocktail.  I found this one on the Fine Living web site.

Ingredients —

1 1/2 ounces of Starbucks Cream Liqueur
1 ounce of Three Olives Chocolate Vodka
1/2 ounce of Cream

The recipe is quite simple: Shake all of the ingredients together while chilling and pour.

Fun Facts About Milky Way Bars: While you are enjoying your martini, enjoy some of the little fun facts about Milky Ways that I found on the Milky Way web site.

** The MILKY WAY® Bar was first created in 1923, with the idea of putting “A chocolate malted milk in a candy bar”.

** The Vanilla MILKY WAY® Bar was introduced in 1926. The name changed in 1936 to FOREVER YOURS® Bar. The MILKY WAY® Bar is called MARS® Bar outside the U.S.

** The center of the bar is called nougat, which is made by whipping egg whites with other ingredients until light and frothy to make a frappe. Flavorings, such as cocoa and malt, are added to the frappe to create the signature flavor nougat.


Love & Soul Always, Kay