During the time before the holidays, many families participate in the gift of giving alms to those less financially fortunate.


The act of “giving alms” is just as important to the giver as it is to the recipient because it endows the “giver” the gift of gratitude.

That’s why this Alms Bowl is definitely a favorite for me this holiday — But I can easily see it as an ideal present for a bridesmaid. It’s a perfect way of saying, “Thank you for standing by my side as I begin a new chapter in my life.” It’s also a great way of saying, “I am grateful to have such a beautiful spirit be a part of my wedding party.”

And the gift keeps on giving — Eastern Serenity (the company that makes these bowls) shares a portion of each alms bowl sale with Thai Freedom House, a grass roots organization helping Burmese refugee children in Northern Thailand.

A Little Background: This Alms Bowl was used by practicing monks who rely on members of the community (near the temple) to provide daily nutrition. Each morning, they visit the surrounding neighborhoods with an empty alms bowl that is filled with food for the day, by people wishing to gain merit from Buddha.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photo: Eastern Serenity)