If you were recently married (or if you work in the wedding industry), you probably have a huge stack of bridal magazines sitting somewhere!

Not sure what to do with all of those magazines? Before you toss them in the trashcan, consider one of the following options.

1. Pass them along to other brides. If you don’t have any family members or girlfriends that are getting married, consider posting a notice on a bridal board or the Wedding Bee Classifieds (current and former brides only) or Craig’s List or FreeCycle.

2. Donate your magazines to your local library. Most local libraries accept donated magazines. If your wedding magazines are less than three months old, the library will put the magazines on the rack to be checked out. If they are older than that, the library staff will sell them at a reduced price. Just make sure that you cut out or otherwise remove your name and address label first.

3. Use a few copies for a “DIY” project. “It’s A Jaime Thing” featured a keepsake frame project made out of rolled magazine pages. Great idea Jaime!

4. Recycle Them. On the Earth911.com web site, you can type in your zip code and locate the recycling center nearest you. Most of these centers will take your magazines, catalogs, brochures and binders.

Love & Soul Always, Kay