This amazing photo of a Kansas bride and groom (and two ominous tornadoes), remind me why I think wedding photographers are the coolest vendors in the industry.


According to news reports, these tornado alley veterans knew that no one was in danger, so they went ahead with their wedding ceremony.  While this made for an incredibly cool picture, it’s not for everyone.  I encourage couples to take cover if they see a tornado, thunder and lightning or even high winds.  You can get some cool pictures inside, and you will live to tell your kids about it one day.

(Photo: Cate Eighmey Photography)



Ugg Australia recently introduced a line of their famous boots and sandals in white and silver sequin.  This new line called, “The I Do Capsule Collection,” is being marketed to brides as a footwear option on their wedding day and honeymoon.  Personally, I find the honeymoon sandals to be cute, but I am not so sure about wedding attire. But, that’s the beauty of weddings — You do what feels good to you.

(Photo: Ugg Australia)

One view of this wedding proposal, and you will quickly see why more than 9 million people have taken the time to check it out.  This “Portlandia” inspired performance titled, “Isaac’s Live Lip-Dup Proposal,” went viral almost instantly, and I can see why!  It’s choreographed, it’s fund and it ends with a guy and a ring.  Everything a girl loves!  Congrats to the happy couple.


Love and Soul Always, Kay