Approximately eight years ago, I volunteered to host my first Thanksgiving Dinner!  It was one of those  moments that I lived for – it was the first Thanksgiving after my “honey-do” and I purchased our home.  I had a new baby and a new kitchen to show off.

Then it hit me. This wasn’t a time for me to be in all of my glory, this was a moment of insanity – I was hosting a Thanksgiving where one of the guests would be my dad (aka Fat Daddy), who was the undisputed Howerton family cooking on!  Oy!  What was I thinking!?!

Well, it was too late to back out, so I hunkered down and prepared a Thanksgiving dinner by Martha.(I love that woman!)

Everything turned out fine, but the one task that I neglected to show my “honey-do” was carving the turkey. Poor thing! Our table looked like a crime scene when he was finished. Fortunately, everyone had a great sense of humor and all was well.

If you are being tasked with carving the turkey this year, don’t fret. There are many web sites out there that offer step-by-step instructions. My favorites are below:

Martha Stewart’s Web Site offers step-by-step instructions on carving the turkey and arranging the carved turkey on the platter.

The Epicurious Web Site offers a video that shows you how to carve and serve your thanksgiving turkey.

Saveur’s Web Site offers very simple instructions for carving the turkey.  If you need your instructions to be extremely detailed, this is not the site for you.

When you get a chance, please let me know how your turkey carving went! Eat well.

Love & Soul Always, Kay