Lost_LuggageWhen traveling, there is nothing more unsettling than losing your luggage.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were more than 180,000 reports of lost luggage last year. When this luggage isn’t claimed it finds its way at an Alabama facility where it waits to be claimed or auctioned off.

If you are traveling to your destination wedding or your honeymoon you might want to consider luggage tracking tags, such as the Global Bag Tag. Each of the Global Bag tags are equipped with a unique serial number that can be traced back to you via the company’s web site.

For more ideas, check out these packing tips from the US Department of Transportation’s web site —

  • It is wise to put items that you will need during the first 24 hours of your trip in a carry-on bag (toiletries, one change of underwear).
  • Don’t over pack checked bags. This puts pressure on the latches, making it easier for them to spring open.
  • Your checked bags may need to be opened for a security inspection out of your presence. If you wish to lock your bags, go to the TSA web site for information on locks that security personnel can open and then re-lock.
  • If you use an unapproved lock and your bag is selected for inspection, the security staff will break the lock if necessary.
  • Put a tag on the outside of your baggage with your name, home address, and home and work phone numbers. The airlines provide free stick-on tags. Most carriers also have “privacy tags” which conceal this information from passersby.
  • Put the same information inside each bag, and add an address and telephone number where you can be reached at your destination city.


Safe travels!

Love & Soul Always, Kay