Several years ago, my executive coach used to tell me that no matter what I did in my career, I should make sure that “Kawania” shines through.

As I work with brides and grooms, I give them the same advice.  “Your ultimate goal is to marry your soul mate, so make sure that your love shines through.”

When my advisor, twitter buddy, and friend, Cheryl Smith, shared her wedding invitation with me (see below), I thought it was a perfect example of doing just that.  Instead of simply giving their guests the “Who, What, Where and Whens,” on their invitation, they shared their love story.  After reading the poem on their wedding invitation, I wished I knew Cheryl when she got married — I wanted to be a guest at her wedding.

Examples like this makes your wedding guests felt like they are a part of the ceremony.  And that’s how you want your guests to feel — Included in the Love.

Love & Soul Always, Kay