There may be a moment in your wedding planning when you select a flower or an invitation or a dress that is absolutely perfect.

This selection is so perfect to you that you get butterflies in your stomach every time you think about it.

Now imagine that your mom, girlfriend or co-worker is not thrilled with your “perfect selection.”

What do you do?

Do you change your mind? or Cry? or Fuss at your Planner for letting you think that your perfect decision was . . . well perfect.

No. You don’t do any of those things.

You keep on loving your perfect flower or your perfect dress or your perfect invitation. And know that everyone isn’t going to like the same things that you like.

And, that’s okay.

Because this is your wedding.  And, it only matters if it is perfect to you.

Love and Soul Always, Kay


(Photo: Jason Knauer Photography)