While I was in St. Louis, Stephanie Aspinwall at Ayr Hill Events tagged me.  If you have never heard of blog tags, it’s like a blogging chain letter.  Someone sends a tag to you – You follow the rules – You send it to four new people.

Now, the rules have changed since the last round of blog tag took place, but the game remains the same.  So, here goes!

Four things I did today –

  1. Take my little guy to Johns Hopkins and then out to lunch. I managed three weddings and a major event during the month of September, so I had very little time for him.  I thought that a little “Mommy and Me” time would be a good start – It was the least that I could do considering my physical and mental absence.  (Tomorrow, I take care of my big guy!)
  1. Sent my web designer some new wedding photos for my wedding gallery.I have nothing on my web site right now, and that is just shameful.  Oy!
  1. Sent out the final vendor memo and timeline for Yudith and Gregory’s October 12th wedding day.
  1. Updated the timeline for Courtney and Andrew’s wedding day. That lady is OR-GA-NIZED!  I love her.

Four things on my to-do list –

  1. Contracts and Invoices.She works hard for her money!
  1. Laundry
  1. Check in with my bosses (aka clients). and make sure that they are doing okay.
  1. Find toy skateboards for the centerpieces for the dinner following Adam’s Bar Mitzvah

Four of my guiltiest pleasures –

  1. Tasty KakesAs a South Jersey girl, I grew up eating these tasty little desserts.  Oh man, I don’t feel right if I go too long without a butterscotch krimpet.
  1. YogaIt’s a perfect exercise.
  1. New York Times Crossword Puzzles. I suck at them (big time), but I refuse to stop trying.
  1. America’s Next Top Model (did I just admit that?)

Four random facts about me:

  1. I participated in a walking marathon, and I finished in excellent time!
  1. I am known for THE COOL birthday parties that I throw my little guy.These parties are by no means “over the top,” but they are definitely fun!
  1. I have a loud, infectious laugh.I am known for it.
  1. I have cried at every wedding that I have ever attended or managed, but I didn’t cry at my own wedding.  I don’t know why.  I believe that I jokingly told my bridesmaids that you would have to pay me to cry!

Of course, the game cannot stop with me.  I am required to tag four new victims.  So, let’s see.  I think I will tag the following ladies:

  1. Katasha at the Wedding Workroom
  2. Aletha at Pearls Events
  3. Fran at Forrách Event Planning
  4. Ms. Polka Dot at The Polka Dot Bride

Have fun!

Love & Soul Always, Kay