This shit is bananas – B-A-N-A-N-A-S! In the past 10 days, I have had to deal with canceled events, postponed events, anxious clients, hyper-vigilant family members, family members who aren’t worried enough (in my opinion) and clients taking their time with their payment checks. (What’s up with that?) I have spoken to so many of you, so I know I am not alone here. So, how do we stay positive, calm and focused through all of this madness? Check out my three (3) quick recommendations (plus a bonus tip) below —

1. Be Still. I know this sounds like the opposite of what we want to do because we entrepreneurs want to work! But, we need some time to calm our thoughts. Pray, chant, meditate, take a nap. It doesn’t matter — but use this unique opportunity to be still for a change.

2. Engage. Even if you are an introvert, you need to engage with others right now. Isolation can affect your morale and it can make negative instances feel so much worse. So, pick up the phone, SKYPE a friend or host a ZOOM happy hour. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just be sure to make some connections.

3. Take a Technology Break. If your business took a financial hit this past week (like mind did), it is so easy to get caught up in social media comparison. You start to wonder, “How is everyone else doing so much better than me right now!?!” Let me tell you — that’s all smoke and mirrors.  So, read a book. Walk your dog. Do a little gardening. Pray. Bake some cookies.  It doesn’t matter — just stay away from your phone, tablet or laptop for a while.

BONUS. Help Someone Else Out. It’s easy to get cause up in what you don’t have or what’s happening to you — But, know this — There is someone out there faring worse than you right now. Can you run errands for the elderly? Make face masks with your sewing machine? How about read books to children online? This may sound weird, but the more you do for others, the more you focus on abundance.


Kawania Wooten is the principal consultant at Howerton+Wooten Events, LLC.  Known to her friends and family as Kay, she uses artistic skills, her keen attention to the smallest details and her strong commitment to customer service as the hallmark of her business.  As the founder of the company, Kawania strives for professionalism, creativity and impeccable organization within every function planned by Howerton+Wooten Events.