Yesterday, I mentioned that business coaches, on-line educators and influencers need professional liability insurance to protect their business services. Today, I’m talking to all of you who host on-line stores. If you have an on-line business, you may want to consider insurance coverage to protect your business. Why? You want some protection if a hacker infiltrates your web site and steals your proprietary information, along with your customer’s private and financial information.

And, by the way — Having an on-line business doesn’t mean you have to be “selling” something. You can give a product or service away and still be considered an on-line business. It’s not about what you sell and more about what you collect, such as the personal identifiable information of your customers.

The insurance is called Internet (or Technology) Security Liability Insurance. Talk to your insurance advisor about the coverage you need for the services you provide — Because your general liability insurance may not your on-line shop.