Picture this, you are about to slip into your wedding day attire, when you overhear a bridesmaid ask your mom, “Do you have any air freshener?  There is a weird smell in here”  You start to agree with them — There IS a little “weirdness” in the air.  Then you realize that the smell is coming from your wedding shoes.

You wore them all day yesterday to break them in, but your feet perspired and left a funny (ok weird) little smell.  What is a girl supposed to do with that little dilemma?!?

Check out Fragrant Footings.  These little insoles bring essential oils to your feet. Each time friction takes place, their step-to-release technology transfers to your feet microscopic bursts of the finest dry, natural aromas.

They also offer thin foam cushioning to ease foot pain in high heel shoes. The top layer has a soft suede-like feel.

Now, that’s what I am talking about!!!!

Love & Soul Always, Kay