I really like Garnish.

No, not the kale or the parsley that you place on the side of the dinner plate!  I am talking about the company that offers packaging and embellishments for your party decor and/or gifts.

At first, I thought it was a little weird to use Kraft paper, sticks and twine for a party, until I decided to throw a little “Thank God the Kids Return to Camp Tomorrow” Happy Hour for the moms on my block!

I wanted the event to be comfortable and casual, but I wanted to give the overall feel a little polish.  I had to – These women are “no joke” when it comes to event planning themselves.

Anyhow, I used the cute little containers for the dips and snacks, the wrapping for my silverware, and I used their packaging and twine to beautify the beer bottles and wine cooler bottles.  The end result! We were able to have a nice evening with snacks and beer, and we didn’t look like we were at a Frat Party!  Good times!

Garnish isn’t just great for a stress-free party on your deck.  You can check out their “Our Ideas” section for cute little hints and tips to make any party that you plan look casually chic! Your guests will be wowed and you’ll have time to enjoy everyone’s company!

Enjoy!  Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photo by Garnish, Inc.)