If you are on the hunt for something elegant to wear on your shoulders during your outdoor wedding reception, take a moment to peruse the Indigo Handloom web-site.  I can assure you that you will find wraps and stoles that are so pretty, they will make your eyes water. I really want one.

Indigo Handloom is praised for bringing us some of the finest silks, but the most stunning of these wraps are created with Muga (MOO-gah), also known as, “the Golden Silk.” Made in just one tiny section of the Indian countryside, rare Muga fibers are harvested in their wild state only twice a year.  Worshipped as a symbol of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Muga is said to bring good fortune to the wearer and is a prized gift for weddings.


Beautiful silk is not the only reason to love these gorgeous wraps, Indigo Handloom works closely with a small, select community of handloom artisans in India to weave these scarves by hand.  The company’s work helps to sustain the weavers’ environment and family-oriented way of life.


The wraps and stoles are available from $65 to $350.



Love & Soul Always, Kay