Late last year, I was at a Wedding Professionals Meet-Up when I spotted and fell in love with a fabulous designer handbag.

This is not just any handbag – These oversized Bridal Bags, created by Susej Designs, are a must have for any bride (or the wedding professional) that has it all and loves to make a statement!

The bags’ beautiful designs are hand-painted on embroidered, rich, recycled leather by Dionne Green, Susej Design’s owner and creator.  According to the designer’s web site, the Bridal Bags are a keepsake for the bride to store every special thing that came to be on her wedding day.  Each bag is customized with the couple’s wedding date inserted into an inscription that reads “On this day of (date written here), I will marry my friend.”

They may be a keepsake for some, but I intend to carry mine – Since each style is a limited edition, there’s little chance of spotting another one at a wedding professionals event!

The handbags cost between $400 and $450. For more information, visit the Susej Designs Web Siteor call (202) 487-1762.

Love & Soul Always, Kay