Since I am a woman of many (many, many, many) words, I love the idea of the written word on the walls of my house!  — It adds to the many ways that you can express yourself!  When my little guy was two, I spent an entire weekend painting the alphabet around the chair rail of his bedroom.  Oy! My wrist took forever to recover!

So, you could only imagine how tickled I was when I came across vinyl lettering companies like Wall Words and Wonderful Graffiti.  No more stencils!

Love and Soul Always Wooten Home


“Love & Soul Always” above the front door of the Wooten House

Imagine that same ability in an event or wedding venue?  You love a venue because of its size and location, but you hate its bare walls.  Removable vinyl transfers, such as Wonderful Graffiti Wedding, provide you with the capability to make an impersonal space feel like yours.  You can embellish the reception hall walls, the windows, the dance floors or even the get-away car!  <– I haven’t tried that yet, but it definitely sounds like a fun idea.


Embellishments on the Getaway Car!

One more thing — Even though this vinyl lettering sounds like a great idea AND they are easy to remove AND they won’t damage the wall, you should check with your vendor first to make sure you are allowed to use this technique.  I don’t want you to get in trouble!

Have fun, party hard, and please let me know how your words turn out!

Love & Soul Always, Kay