Thinking about something fun and quirky at your wedding?

Below are some of my favorite wedding ideas that are a little unexpected, yet they have “you” written all over them.


Mii Cake Toppers: Now I have to admit when I started playing on the Wii, I spent more than an hour trying to create the perfect Mii.  I wanted her to look just like me. **Vain, I know**  So, I thought these wedding cake toppers would be “uber cool” for Wii fanatics.

And admit it, just about everyone reading this blog loves their Wii.

Comic Book Wedding Program Cover: Earlier this year, I took care of a bride that worked for a well-known comic book company.  She wanted her love of her industry to shine through on her special day, so worked with an artist to draw her, her groom and their little dog as Super Heroes.  So cool!  I love details like this.


Illustrated Table Numbers That Feature You: I saw these table numbers on Kelly McWilliams’ blog two years ago.  I thought the idea was such a fun idea.  And you have to admit that they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.  They are such a cool touch.  But I am not surprised — Nobody does details like Kelly!

Simpsons Cartoon Guest Book Photo: Last year, I had the pleasure of taking care of a bride and groom that loves The Simpsons cartoon.  I found a very talented cartoonist, who was able to create a cartoon of the bride and groom as Simpsons characters.  Everyone loved it and it showed in their autographs!


Here’s the deal.  You don’t have to be quirky to be unique.  Think about what makes the two of you smile, and brainstorm fun ideas that fit your personalities.  I like to brainstorm over a couple of Coronas — I get my BEST ideas that way.  Just kidding!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photo: Illustrated Table Numbers:  Weddings By Socialites Blog; Simpsons Cartoon Photo: Erin Marie Photography)