Earlier last month, I was invited to stop by the Room Service Furniture and Event Rental showroom and wharehouse.

As soon as you arrive into the showroom, you are taken into a room similar to a “decor playroom”  This room allows you to play around with the furniture, the pillows, and other accessories that will help you make the furniture decor your own.


Furniture like this straight back love seat can be fitted with slipcovers of various colors.  My favorite is the pomegranate!  It has such a rich feel.


If you are interested in adding more variety to your furniture set-up, Room Service offers a large inventory of pillow covers for the pillow inserts.


If your party or event has a more relaxed feel, Room Service has a line of furniture made with rattan.


If you put all of the pieces of this sectional together, you can probably accommodate up to 12 party guests.

AFR_Glam_Lanterns_Picture AFR_Glam_Lanterns

You can light up this bar with just about any color and you can put your monogram or your company logo on front.

If you need to rent furniture for your reception or party, give Heidi at Room Service a call at (301) 772-7772.  I am sure that she can help you out with what you need.

Love & Soul Always, Kay