Later this week, you will come face to face with a very large dinner and an audience of family members.

Let me tell you honey, I have been there.  So, in the spirit of the holidays, I noted a few Thanksgiving prep tips that I thought were worth sharing!

Decor — If you are on the hunt for a cool holiday centerpiece, check out Pottery Barn’s 6 easy holiday centerpiece ideas.  My favorite is the glass icicle tree with the white hydrangeas.  Fancy!

Cooking It All — If the idea of cooking an entire meal sounds overwhelming, consider what my husband’s family does — A Thanksgiving Potluck.  You can make the turkey (or you can do what I do and order that baby from Harry and David) and work with each extended family grouping to ensure that all of the dishes are covered or that there isn’t too much dish overlap.  A former coworker used to send her family the menu and her parents and aunts would let her know what dish they will make.

The Turkey — If you need a turkey carving tutorial, check out my post from earlier today!

The Leftovers — Need a clever dish for the leftover turkey, check out my cool 2007 post of leftover ideas.  I am still a fan of the turkey enchiladas!

The New Holiday Hostess — I know a couple of new brides that are hosting her first Thanksgiving, and I thought that this survival kit was a great idea!  Heck, I wish someone would have considered sending it to me. {Yes, I am a little jealous – smile}

If you have any more holiday survival recommendations, please share!

Enjoy a fabulous holiday and make sure that you take a nice walk after dinner!

Love & Soul Always, Kawania