No matter how long you work in the wedding business, you are still blown away at the cost of a wedding.  I have been talking to brides about their wedding budgets a lot lately, and the one question that I get a lot is, “What is the average cost of a wedding?”  The American average happens to be $28,000.  However, the cost of a wedding is a lot like buying a house — location matters.

The wedding report has a website that gives you an idea what the average cost is in your area.  If you’re curious how much it actually runs in your neck of the woods, try this Cost of Wedding Test. **Disclaimer: Most will say that this cost does not include the cost of the honeymoon, engagement ring or the wedding consultant.**  I wasn’t surprised that a typical wedding in the Washington DC area costs $42,620 (but it still stings a little when I think that brides must pay for that and the price of gas too!).

When you have a moment, check out one of my favorite blogs, Style Me Pretty.  One of the October 24th posts detail some tips from a bride in Brooklyn who created a very stylish wedding on a budget.  My favorite tip is “. . . remembering that I was going for a vibe – and that superseded getting wrapped up in lots of little details, that quite frankly no one (including me) would remember.”

Now don’t get me wrong!  I am definitely a details girl, but I also know that the feeling that your guests have during and after your wedding will remain with them forever.

More to come about wedding budgets in November!  Gotta go!

Love & Soul Always, Kay