This morning, I was rushing to get my little guy to the camp bus on time when my car (the one that I just got out of the shop) broke down.  It was a morning that makes you want to get back into bed.

While I was waiting for a ride, I turned on the SlingPlayer on my laptop, and realized that the Today Show Wedding was taking place.  It made me take a pause.  No, it made me cry.  Yes, I still cry at weddings.

In a time when jaded opinions and cynicism is considered comical, there is something refreshing about a couple that stands before God, family and friends to declare their love for each other.  This young couple, Darnell and LaDonna, shared the most beautiful, heart-felt vows with each other.  (Ah!  I am going to start crying again!)

They finished off their beautiful vows with a passionate kiss and the African American tradition of jumping the broom.  It was lovely.

So, when you are deep in the minutia of wedding planning and the crazy details start to get to you, know that the one goal on your wedding day is to unite with that fabulous person standing in front of you.

Sure, it gets crazy.  So, take a pause.  Remember why you are saying, “I Do.”  And know that this is a celebration of your love.  Love your new spouse and enjoy your wedding (imperfections and all) for what it truly is — A true gift and a blessing.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

PS.  Can anyone give me a ride downtown?


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