Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the Henley Park Hotel located in Northwest Washington DC(near the convention center).


This boutique hotel has been serving guests since 1918, but it doesn’t feel old.  Sure, the rooms on the first floor are quaint and the gargoyles embody the hotel’s historic charm, but the amenities are definitely sleek and up-to-date.


When you arrive in the hotel, you are greeted by a bright, yellow sitting room filled with warm furniture and a stone a fireplace.


This function room was one of my favorites — simply because it gave you the courtyard feel with the glass ceilings and the exposed brick.  Your guests could feel as if they are sitting outside without having to brave the elements.


This room is perfect for a rehearsal dinner or for a bridesmaids luncheon.  Order plenty of food — I’ve been told that red walls make your dinner guests hungry!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA If you are interested in the Henley Park Hotel for your intimate wedding reception of approximately 45 guests or lower, check out their web site.  I found their catering sales manager, Megan Showers to be full of energy and as sweet as can be.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photos: Henley Park Hotel)