A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of coordinating a commitment ceremony at the LaFerme Restaurant, located in Chevy Chase, Maryland.



This charming list French Country restaurant can seat up to 150 people, but it will be incredibly cozy.  The main dining room is lovely, and it needs very little decor.  The wrought iron lanterns, the wood detailing, and the large stone fireplace make you feel as if you are in a warm French Country home.



If you wanted to hold a wedding ceremony in LaFerme, I recommend placing the bride, groom and the officiant in front of the fireplace.  It provides for a very warm and intimate setting.



The main dining room has a semi-private alcove that would be great for a small bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.  This little area has one long table that seats up to 16 people.


The restaurant has two completely private rooms.  This first one is located on the second floor, and it is called the Attic Room.  The Attic Room seats from 30 to 65 people and overlooks the main dining room.  One important thing to note:  The only way to access this room is by stairs, so it is not ADA accessible. 

The other completely private room is called le Bar.  le Bar seats up to 26 guests in one long table or a combination of small round table.  It can also be used for a small cocktail reception of 30 people.


Since our event took place in January, we didn’t take advantage of their terrace.  But I wanted you to get a sense of the space, so I took a picture anyhow.


Here is another picture of the terrace taken by the restaurant’s photographer.


I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the food is fabulous! Oh, my, my, my!

I have been back to the restaurant for two very good reasons: 1.) Their staff understands the meaning of good customer service; and 2.) The food is consistently good.

So, if you are on the hunt for a venue that provides you with great food and a warm environment, then strongly consider La Ferme Restaurant.

Love & Soul Always, Kay

(Photos: LaFerme Restaurant and Leo Hein Photography.  The dark and blurry photos are my pitiful attempts at photography)