Last week’s storm made me think of all of the ways that water can affect our wedding day.  Here are some ways to ensure that you are prepared.

Let’s get the obvious recommendation out of the way — an Umbrella.  We have this pretty umbrella in my supply kit and our brides love it when their wedding day is a little wet!


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Keep a pair of pretty rain boots on hand.  If it rains, you don’t want it to ruin those Jimmy Choos!  And, think of all of the adorable pictures you can take with boots in your wedding colors.


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Keep your wedding party and wedding guests hydrated.  Place a display of iced water and bevrages in the “getting ready” rooms for your wedding party.  Also, keep a case of water on hand for emergencies, and have a cute tub of iced water bottles available at an outdoor wedding ceremony.  Your wedding guests will love you for it.


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Did your bouquet leave a water spot on your bridesmaid’s dress?  There are numerous posts regarding this topic on and here are some simple tips for removing a water from your dress.  (Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these methods)


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Did you develop Swimmer’s Ear this summer?  Here are some tips for treating your Swimmer’s Ear.


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Finally, be prepared for your emotional wateworks.  Wear waterproof mascara, keep a hankie on hand and remember to dab (not wipe) when you are drying your tears.  By the way, Good Housekeeping considers  Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara to be the best mascara option available.


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Enjoy a happy (and dry) wedding day!

Love and Soul Always, Kay