When I met with Marisa and Patrick in November 2007, I remember thinking, “Gosh, I really like this couple!” They are the type of couple that makes people feel good when they are around them, and I really wanted to be a part of their wedding day.


In fact, it wasn’t the wedding day details that pulled me in, it was the story that Marisa shared about the first time she saw Patrick. And the way that Patrick touched Marisa during our discussion. I was even touched by their affection for their little dog, Einstein.

Yup, I was hooked.


You gotta love a woman that knows the value of a comfortable shoe!


Marisa took some time before getting dressed to write a special “wedding day” note to Patrick.


They chose to see each other before the wedding ceremony. Even amidst all of the pre-wedding “fun,” Marisa and Patrick were able to share a private moment alone.


One of Marisa’s wishes was the ability to enjoy a walk with Patrick from the hotel to the Science Center. (so NYC!) It actually rained on the day of the wedding, but this couple definitely didn’t let that damper their joy.


No matter what I was doing that day, I always found Marisa and Patrick kissing. It truly was romantic. The photographer, Jason Knauer, managed to catch them stealing a kiss a few minutes prior to the cake cutting. BTW: Don’t you just love their toy cake toppers? It reminds me of Clark Kent and Wonder Woman.


Doesn’t this picture look like Marisa and Patrick were receiving a great big bear hug?


Here is a picture of Marisa and her incredibly sweet mother. Check out Marisa’s bouquet. Patrick made it! In fact, Patrick made all of the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces out of origami paper. And he did an excellent job too. What a guy.

Check back for more tomorrow!

Love & Soul Always, Kay
(Pictures: Jason Knauer Photography)