Ronald was a traditional groom and Monica’s tastes were quite contemporary. It took us a minute, but we were able to achieve a wedding day that achieved both of their wedding dreams. Using white, sea green and cornflower blue as their color palette allowed us to provide a clean, contemporary wedding design with a lot of traditional touches.

I worked with Monica and Ronald on their wedding plans for eight months, and I was quite moved by their desire to realize each other’s wedding dreams. By the time Monica walked down the aisle, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a little brother and sister — I was a little emotional that August evening.

The ceremony and reception venue was the Loews Annapolis Hotel. Derrel Todd of Footprint Fotos captured their wedding in pictures and Santa’s Floral Showcase created the simple, yet elegant floral design. Their wedding cake was created by SugarBakers, and I swear that I wanted to ask for a second piece, but I restrained myself.


(VIP Seats for the Immediate Family)


(The centerpiece for the square tables)

Bride_Groom_Kiss (Monica and Ronald stealing a kiss after the ceremony)


(Ronald’s mom helped him with his boutonniere)


(The wedding cake. It was sooo good!)

Everyone really had fun posing in the wedding party . . .

(First we have the bridesmaids “hamming it up” in the elevator. Gorgeous!)


(Monica enjoyed a good laugh with her mom during the “pre-ceremony” photo session)



(The groomsmen. My intern was a little “smitten” by this handsome group of young men.)

Monica and Ronald, thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day this summer. And, Monica — Have a fabulous birthday weekend, girlfriend!

Love & Soul Always, Kay