I must admit that I always look forward to taking care of a wedding when most of the female guests are expected to wear sarees!


The color, the embellishments, the silk (and the ladies that wear them) make these gowns pure eye candy.


Sarees are dresses worn throughout India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. They are also known as saris or podavis, depending on the spelling and/or the region. Sarees are basically long pieces of cloth (typically 6 meters or 19.5 feet) worn draped in a number of styles around the body.

They are typically worn over a blouse to cover the upper portion of the body.  A matching petticoat to tuck the saree into is typically necessary.  A petticoat also helps to keep the saree from sticking to the skin.


This saree reminds me of the wedding gowns created by Joy Houston.


I have a thing for pink and green, so I am typically partial to the bright pinks.


But you have to love the reds, greens, and golds that you enjoy with sarees.



Love & Soul Always, Kay


(Photos: Alibaba, Exotic India, Indian Shaadi, SubhamoyDas for About.com)