I tried yoga for the first time a year ago.  A close friend recommended it to me because I was in the middle of an extremely stressful situation and she thought it would be good for me.

I wasn’t hooked after my first class. I kept thinking, “no self-respecting Jersey girl would find herself in these positions.”  Well, not in public.

But after a few sessions, I became hooked.  The ability to exercise and bring a little serenity into my life was just what the doctor ordered (literally).  So, when I found an article titled “Yoga for Planners” in a meeting planner magazine last week, I felt compelled to share.

These little exercises are perfect to try when you feel the combo office/wedding stress in the middle of a work day.

  • The Desk Stretch.  Lock your hands behind your head, relaxing elbows back, and feel the tightness melt away.
  • E-Mail Meditation.  While sorting through the in-box, focus on breathing.  Breathe out for twice as long as you breathe in.
  • Pre-Wedding Tree Pose.  While standing next to a table or chair, remove your shoes and place your left foot against your right thigh (use either hand to hold your left foot in place if it slides).  Feel your right hand rooted in the floor and take a deep breath.  Repeat this exercise with the opposite leg.
  • Frozen Smile Remedy.  When you are tired of smiling, pretend to chew a large piece of gum up and down and side to side.  Shut your eyes tightly and lift your eyebrows up and down.  Massage your cheekbones, forehead, temples and eyebrows.

I have a feeling that these yoga tips will be excellent for any bride or wedding planner that feels as if s/he is at the end of a “rapidly fraying rope.”  What do you think?

Love & Soul Always, Kay


(Source: Meetings & Conventions Magazine)

(Photo: Ursi’s Eso Garden)