Yes, I confess.  I blogstalk!  I can’t help myself — reading blogs can be so addictive.  To help me get over my addiction, I thought that I would share what I found in the Blog world this weekend –

  • Hostess with the Mostess Blog features hot-hued chandeliers, candelabras, aprons, and tableware.
  • I love the Cook Report.  I know, I know — It’s not a blog, but I read it like one.  I get information on a daily basis.  Close enough, right?
  • The always elegant Andria at Andria Lewis Events is holding a contest for one lucky bride and groom. The contest winners will receive a “month of coordination package” for only $14.  Contestants have to prove that they were engaged on the most romantic day of the year – Valentines Day.  This sounds like so much fun!  Fun, creative submissions are due by Monday, March 17th.  Check out her Blog for more details.
  • Saundra at Planning . . . Forever Events mentioned a new iPod gadget that makes me grateful for my 18-hour bra! Oy!  BTW: Saundra!  Let us see that new haircut!
  • DC Metro Moms is always interesting to me.  They are moms filled with opinions!  Friday’s post discusses Oscars as a family bonding opportunity.
  • Two of my clients mentioned DIY Bride this week, so I had to see what was new in her world. The most recent post details an inexpensive way to upgrade your vase, but I love the Wedding Community acronyms!  I intend to save that post and share it with new clients.
  • I love the little touches at a wedding and so does Aletha at Pearls Events. She has two different posts that show off fun and stylish ways to display table numbers.
  • HouseMartin features the yummiest floral arrangement. If I were in Portland, she could count on me as a lifelong customer!  The colors make me yearn for spring.
  • I am raising a son that is getting a Montessori education, so I read Three Plus Two to see the day in the life of another Montessori mom.  Her babies are keeping up with the birds in their backyard.  So sweet.
  • The Bride’s Cafe showcases Detail Shots that are pure Eye Candy!  But then again, that entire web site is pure eye candy!
  • If you are a working parent like me, then I am sure that you can appreciate the blog, 100 make-ahead meals.  My favorite — Make ahead stacked salads.  I can provide a healthy meal with a cool presentation!

Enjoy!  And let me know what blogs you tend to stalk!

Love & Soul Always, Kay